Upcoming: Magic Roundabout Winter Launch

The oh so East London drinking and dining den Magic Roundabout, which resides in the middle of Old Street roundabout is coming back for Winter!

They’ve tented it, heated it, and revamped it with a new old school theme. The new venue will take you back through the decades, with areas decked out in homage to the 60s, 70s, 80s and (our personal favourite) the 90s.  The new themed areas include a Woodstock with some serious flower power and tribute to the late, great (in some opinions) Hugh Heffner with a super sexy 1970s Playboy lounge, complete with sheepskins and log fire. The Main Bar will be an all out 80s disco with futuristic art and palm trees and finally, the VIP Area will take you right back to the early 90s; oh the patterns, oh the Fresh Prince colours! Hopefully Big Willy himself will make an appearance… (ok, maybe not but let a girl dream!)


There will be drinking, dancing, general merriment in a pretty cool location, and most importantly (for us)…. Food!

There are a bunch of new street food peeps we haven’t tried yet but are looking forward to! New kids on the block Smokin’ Lotus will be joining the line-up with their BBQ-meets-Asian offering. Carrying on from their summer residencies there will also be tasty treats from Skins who are bringing back the potato skin (anyone who went to Pizza Hut in the 90s knows the joy of a loaded potato skin), and Burger Bear who (unsurprisingly) make burgers – named after bears.

The re-vamped Magic Roundabout opens with a re-launch party on the 20th October, and there are plenty of other events planned over the coming months to wash away your winter blues.

Forked by Tolibear


Twitter/Instagram: @TheMagicRBT

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