The Apprentice 2017 – Ross Fretten

Hello all! A slightly strange post from me today as although I mentioned the female casting made in Doctor Who, I’m not looking to cover TV in a big way on here. But then it is my blog so I can make special exceptions! And here is one of them…this year’s season of The Apprentice (UK).

Why? Why is this special and being posted about? Well, a long time friend of mine, Ross Fretten, is a candidate so I will be definitely tuning in every Wednesday and rooting for him!

Check out his official snap to the left… Dish of the Day, am I right?! I’d like to see another candidate even attempt such a designer beard!

Strangely, I’ve worked with one of his competitors (Anisa Topan) when she was PR on a Freddies of Pinewood promo video around 5 years ago.. small world! She has my approval to come in second.

I haven’t watched this show since the first few series and I am now really excited to see what happens! I’ve even been stalking twitter mentions to see what the public think of my pal ahead of the first episode this Wednesday. I’m hoping I won’t get too defensive but have already chipped in to correct some wrong name spelling (pet peeve)…it’s Fretten not Fretton, people. Come on… basics.

We’ve been pals a long time but I was rummaging through old photos this weekend as part of an ‘Autumn clean’ and realised I have known Ross since at least 1993, possibly earlier, and to still be friends now hopefully will tell you that he is a pretty good egg. It’ll be interesting to see how the show/editing portrays him as obviously drama is more interesting for the audience to watch and I haven’t had insight before into how candidates are in life vs the show. I love his interview quote of being “eccentric or a bit of a creep” – exactly why we get on so well.

Ross’ dog training and health app, Kibble, is launching in 2018 which was inspired by his pooch, Sailor.  The aim of the app is to give you a one stop how-to for training and looking after your puppy/dog.  If you nip over to Ross’ instagram or the Kibble site you’ll see Ross loves his pooch and examples of how well Sailor has been trained, so if you’re a dog owner or just curious about  the venture then drop your email address in and subscribe to the site. If you’re feeling generous, sign up to us too – just scroll down to the bottom of this post and drop in your email address.

I’ll pipe down now as I’m not going to give too much of my Ross opinion out, so you can judge  him for yourself  when you switch on to watch, but best of luck my dear. I’m sure you’ll smash it however far you get – I can’t wait to see what you get up to! Super proud of you getting on the show, you clever little biscuit!  As quoted from Twitter, I hope you achieve your mission to seduce and amuse us all. I’m already won over, but give Lord Sugar a snuggle from me.


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