Orangina for Summer 2017

“Is Summer over?” is the question the UK has been asking since…well… February nearly! However we do still get the odd sunny day and Orangina has you sorted for when the sun is out, or if you want to imagine a bit of Summer is with you.

Their 2017 bottle range is super cute featuring two beach outfits for their bottles. I even have a bit of outfit envy from these babes. How is that possible? They’re bottles, ffs!

The contents remain the same so if you like Orangina then you’ll like the fun bottle designs. I do, which is fortunate… possibly from most of my Summer holidays from toddler to teenage years being spent in France. There’s a ton of it there! I love drinks with *bits* so enjoy the refreshing fizzy orange juicy-bit-joy that Orangina brings. If you don’t like the beverage then you can check out the bottles – there’s no denying these aren’t cute as frack! Now I just need a matching bikini top…and the sun to come out again (or a decent holiday!)…

Forked by Stefpuff


Twitter/Instagram: @oranginauk

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