Victoria Park Market – East London

Glory praise, be! A ‘farmers market’ has landed in Victoria Park!

Being a local to the area, I thought this was great – bop along every Sunday and pick up some produce but my, my I was so surprised when I visited! There is SO much more than just produce on offer. There was a band, tons of street food stands to grab lunch or brekkie while you’re there…donuts, cookies, cured meats… this market literally has it all if you’re after something edible.

The variety is incredible and everyone is catered for – my socks were thoroughly knocked off…if I had been wearing any.  The awesome news is that this market is open every Sunday, 51 weeks a year so long as there is custom and interest. So please keep buying from small businesses and supporting the community!

On our first visit we ended up leaving with 3 types of chorizo from Cannon & Cannon (duck, lamb and smoky pork) along with some lunch to sit in the park with; a burger from The Patate and a pork cachapa from Petare. Brilliant. I won’t say any more for now but enjoy these images and please get down there yourself. I will be back there this Sunday and every week I can!


Update: I’ve since tried the pork wrap from Salty Loins and some chicken from Krapow and both have been great, plus we visited the cured meats from Cannon & Cannon a few more times! Pate Moi are a regular too who we have reviewed HERE (still recommended!)! Can’t wait to get back down there for some more sampling!

Forked by Stefpuff

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