Chicken Bar – Port Olimpic, Barcelona

A very good afternoon to you all! I’ve just got back from a weekend away in Barcelona with a fabulous group of women and thought I would write a post about one of the places we ate while we were there.

We’d just finished a really relaxing cruise on a BBQ catamaran and needed some nibbles and cocktails before we headed back to our apartment. Conveniently placed at the end of the pier was Chicken Bar.  We’d seen the menu online and were lured in by the cheap cocktails and the menu looked pretty safe.

I’m just going to give you a feel of the place really rather than go into a full on review as I only tried one item on the menu.  I started off with a strawberry daiquiri which was delicious and cooled me down a treat and at 6.95 it pleased me even more.

Food-wise I shared a whole chicken with a pal and a side of fries, costing about 15 euros we thought we probably didn’t need a whole chicken but at such a bargainous price, a gal can’t say no! Service was pretty good with only a few forgotten drinks while we were there, and with a group of 13 that isn’t half bad.  The waiter was attentive, tried some jokes with us and the food was served quicky.  Note: paella is slower as it’s cooked fresh.

Food quality wasn’t amazing…the chicken was dry though it came with a gravy I still felt it was dry even dipping each piece into the gravy before taking a bite. The chips were pretty average, though we didn’t need them as the chicken came with two potatoes (not mentioned on the menu). The chicken flavour was good and the gravy was nice but the dryness put me off eating more of the chicken…I had to wash some bites down with my cocktail as swallowing the dry stuff down got to become a bit of a task. I ordered another drink – a pina colada – which was delicious and so I finished the meal there.

My summary is that you should visit Chicken Bar for cocktails and a seat outside to watch the beach and passers-by.  For a place specifically titled Chicken Bar, don’t bother with ordering the chicken.  The cooking definitely needs improving if it’s going to have the word ‘chicken’ in the name as it kind of indicated they are experts with that meat. But ho hum – delicious cocktails at a great price and a good location. Visit and drink, but keep it at that and go somewhere else for tapas.

Over and out.

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