Pegasus’ Gods and Monsters Show – Kings Cross, London

I’d like to take this opportunity to promote one of my favourite urban artists, Camden based Pegasus.  Fear not, non Londoners, he is frequently in LA and does travel around the world from time to time. This talented gentleman regularly produces brilliant street art based on public figures and it was a pleasure to go along to his gallery party last year near King’s Cross.

I love Pegasus’ work because stencilled delights display an ironic and sometimes controversial portrayal of popular culture’s most recognisable icons and he keeps up to date with his art, for example producing a piece featuring Theresa May spanking Trump shortly after the two met and another respectful piece of George Michael soon after he passed. He has a lot of work in Islington, Camden, Hackney, Shoreditch and Lambeth and paints both authorised and unauthorised pieces – he received threats after showing the Trump piece pictured below!

Another notable piece from last year (and I say piece, because there was a ‘piece’) was a nude Beckham in Brick Lane which was quickly censored – yawn – perhaps within a day of being painted. I tried to get there but before I could, a star had been put over David. Ahem.

I do hunt Pegasus’ work around London but the gallery was a brilliant opportunity to meet the man himself and also witness some of the art in pristine form on canvas vs a wall.  I hope you enjoy these images showing off only a small portion of what he had on display – please look out for the art around London (and beyond) and keep up to date with his antics via social media.

At the opening I also ran into fellow pale sister from another mister, Suzie Kennedy – a retro fan and an impeccable Marilyn Monroe look-a-like. Click her name to see her work – she’s brilliant.

Ciao for now, and I’m sure I will be back posting more of Pegasus’ work with more blog updates at a later date. May he continue to be fabulous and stick to his guns with showing his beliefs through his work. POWAHHH.

Party at: Faith Inc Factory, Caledonian Road, London

Forked by Stefpuff

Twitter: @artistpegasus

Instagram: @pegasusart

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