Koko Kanu’s Frequent Flyers Cocktail Club – London

Welcome to the Koko Kanu Frequent Flyer’s Cocktail Club! Inspired by the era of jet-set travel, this Summer we have Koko Kanu inviting Londoners and travel fans on a delicious journey to 6 wonderous bars throughout July.  If you aren’t sure who Koko Kanu are… well, they’re the UK’s leading white rum blended with coconut flavour (a nice 37.5%) so really you should know who these guys are. Nip down to your local supermarket and peruse their wares.

So what is this Frequent Flyer’s Cocktail Club? What does it all mean? Well keep on reading and you’ll find out!

This is an event being run throughout July by Koko Kanu involving some special bars and some specially crafted cocktails put together by each bar’s mixology team.  The mixture of bevvie and surroundings will hopefully take you on a mini break to different overseas worlds and sunnier climes (though London is doing alright for sun at the moment!), for an evening or a few hours at least. Plus rum. Rum is the emperor of spirits in my opinion and you’ll know I speak the truth if you’ve known me for any length of time or just been on one night out!

To unlock a ticket to the KKFFCC (not the KFC you know), you need to go to one of 6 bars around London (see below) and show off your holiday snaps to the bartender. It may seem weird, and maybe this whole thing is a trick, but it’s worth showing them to find out  – and make it interesting if you can, entertain the folks! By showing off your holiday piccies you’ll be able to get your mits on a Koko Kanu passport and a map to guide your alcohol based travels, also gaining you two free Koko Kanu cocktails in the process…Woohoo!  With these in your knapsack/bumbag you’ll be able to make your way to six bars around our beautiful city and travel ‘around the world’ in these specially chosen and globally themed cocktail bars.

You can collect stamps in your Koko Kanu passport at each of these 6 bar stops and get a free drink on your 3rd stamp. Hopefully collecting stamps won’t be too hard and if you think of it this way, it’s a lot cheaper than going on an actual holiday, especially with our exchange rates at the moment. Eesh! Plus you get rum! Yay!

Who is included then? Where can I go? Here!:

  • Trailer Happiness (Notting Hill)- Tiki time! I love tiki, Trailer Happiness is in Notting Hill and down some stairs you’ll be taken to a little Tiki den. Tiki and rum go hand in hand so it’s only right that Trailer Happiness are involved. Aloha!
  • Opium (Chinatown) – Clad as a vintage Chinese apothecary through a subtle green door in Chinatown.  If you don’t know it’s there you’ll walk past bit it’s worth a visit! We tried the dim sum and it’s delicious!
  • The Pink Chihuahua at El Camion (Soho) – Mexican fever will hit you in the face at El Camion in Soho! Sugar skulls and colourful flowers decorate the walls in this underground bar.
  • Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings (Clerkenwell) – A mainly white, classical bar space with lots of planty-goodness…perfect for instagramming away. Beautiful!
  • Made in Brasil (Camden) – Wrapping you in Latino and Brazilian culture and with a rooftop balcony space, be sure to check out this Camden Rio-style shack.
  • The Rum Kitchen (any location) – Do you really need a description of this one? Really? If you do, it’s a Caribbean eatery with a glorious menu – I recommend the sweet potato.

We tried a skinny colada which was lush… it tastes beautiful and only has 2.5 ingredients!  This doesn’t seem much but as the rum has coconut essence it just needs pineapple juice! Simple! 50ml of each and you’re away. Plus a little grate of nutmeg if you’re feeling fancy.

If you complete the trail of 6 bars you will be in with a chance of winning some fab prizes such as deliciously crafted luggage accessories (see, travel theme here!), cocktail experiences and more.  To enter, all you need to do is take a snap of your completed Koko Kanu passport on your social media channels (think Instagram) and tag both @kokokanu_uk and #addsomeadventure … not  too tricky, eh? Cheers!

Forked by Stefpuff


Twitter/Instagram: @kokokanu_uk     #addsomeadventure

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