Gaza Cafe – Soho, London

Hungry. In Soho. Not sure what to eat as I fancy something new…that’s when I stumbled upon Gaza Cafe completely by accident, and was drawn over to the window by a picture of a rice burger. Rice burger? Say whaaaaat…. Although effectively this is a standard rice dish shaped like a burger, it appealed more! Intrigued, we went in.

The front of the cafe was pretty packed  (a good sign) so we headed to the back near the ordering counter to peruse the menu and conveniently there is a bench along the wall with tons of plugs. Great for me who is always appreciative of a power supply point.

I ordered the Korean steak rice burger  (originally thought teriyaki but i didn’t fancy chicken) and my chap ordered the beef bulgogi.  FYI veggies, there is only one option for you on the menu.  The dishes arrived a few minutes apart and were each served on a slate-looking flat plate along with a little side salad.

My rice burger was brilliant. I usually get bored of rice and see it as an unneccessary addition, but this was delicious as it had some sauce drizzled over and some of the juice from the meat had filtered through the lower rice layer . The taste was slightly sweet, a tad creamy (due to the top sauce drizzle) and rich. Lush. Priced at £7.90 to eat in it wasn’t expensive either and a takeaway would have been £6.

I get quite bloated from rice and my body didn’t make an exception here. Simon had a green tea waffle for £4 which i had a bite of, but my tum needed to wait a while before we ordered a strawberry Bingsoo.

What on earth is Bingsoo? Good question, reader. Let me tell you. Here we have Snowflake Bingsoo which is a popular Korean dessert, made with 100% frozen milk shavings meaning it’s a lot lighter (and possibly colder) than ice cream. It can be eaten with a variety of toppings, as shown by the array offered by Gaza (they serve 12 varieties), along with syrups and condensed milk.  They look pretty fancy and most of the toppings here are fruit – we went for strawberry.

Because this is a pretty intricate looking dessert it takes a little prep time which we underestimated and we did have somewhere to be (check out where, by clicking here!) so we had to wolf it down….which is where some major brain freeze comes in! It tasted lush and I love the lightness and flavour. It reminded me taste-wise of a vanilla Mini Milk. The fruit was great and presentation was amazing. You get a lot for your money (strawberry was £6.80) and definitely one to share unless you have a long time to sit and work on this epic bowl of chilled goodness.

I am definitely going to be back to try some other Bingsoo flavours and have time to look after one for a little longer. We had to dash so ended up leaving some but after the rice burgers we were both satisfied with our meal. Thumbs up.

Forked by Stefpuff

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