Vans vs Peanuts Collection

Last weekend I was wandering with my pal Goldy Loxx in Covent Garden, on our way to get a Unicorn Freakshake, when we twigged a pretty shop window….Goldy is a Vans lover so we were drawn over and somehow I didn’t immediately register the glory that was in front of me. This glory was the Vans x Peanuts collection, beautifully displayed and it made me SWOON HARD. Good grief!

Now although I sway heavily in the direction of Converse as my preferred sneaker, I do have a pair of the Yellow Submarine Vans hi-tops and love me some Snoopy (thanks, Dad). Seeing the designs and touching the display sneaks was ruddy delightful. There are a selection of hi-tops, lace up low tops and the classic slip on design and although my feet don’t get on with the slip-ons, the others are definite contenders to encase my feets.

My favourites are the three pictured in this here post. I had to try some on for size as occasionally Vans can look a bit too chunky on my feet – I’m a size 7 and have gangly twiglet legs so some shoes can make me look a bit clowny, but I was SO glad when I tried on 3 pairs and fell in love with two of them. The third I think still looks decent but I’m less familiar with lighter coloured shoes…I still love them though!

My 30th birthday came and went and in my family we usually helpfully distribute an ‘ideas’ list to help with present buying, but I didn’t do that this year. Life and a holiday got in the way so instantly I thought “oh my gawd these would be perfect” – so family..look out for that list very soon!

See the full collection of shoes, bags, tees and caps by clicking HERE!

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Twitter/Instagram: @vans_Europe @snoopy

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