Unicorn Freakshake at Maxwell’s – Covent Garden, London

It’s 2017 and any products that can be made into a unicorn, will be made into a unicorn! That includes the freakshake, and I have wanted to try one of these dessert giants for a while now. I missed the Pokemon freakshake boat last year, so why not take the opportunity to try a unicorn one!

Although there must be other places doing this kind of thing, my unicorn freakshake was from Maxwell’s in Covent Garden. Myself and Anna were told we couldn’t have a restaurant table for a freakshake but were free to look outside  (all tables taken) or sit at the bar (quite dark)…so we went for the bar where we could sit despite not having the photo perfect natural light we really needed for this particular pud.

We’d eaten lunch not long before and cleverly decided to share a freakshake…if you aren’t sure what a freakshake is, well it’s a milkshake topped with as much as can be piled on! The Pokemon freakshake had a pokeball styled donut and other bits on top but brownies can be added, sweets, sprinkles, cream, chocolate and anything really until you have a mound to eat through on top of your (usually) jam jar style glass. This time round it was a rainbow mix of a marshmallow horn, candy floss, cream, love hearts and MORE rainbow candy!

You do definitely need to take a seat for this kind of thing. I carefully balanced the mountain outside to get a decent photo and people looked at me with great envy, asking what it was and how to get one, but was relieved to put it back on the table and get cracking on demolishing the thing.

The lurking milkshake was a pink bubblegum flavour and there was a LOT of clotted cream at the top, then more edible decorations above that. We halvesed everything which allowed us the Lady and The Tramp moment pictured below (I know, I’m the Tramp) and managed to get through the sweets well, they were fun!

I am a fan of cream but here there was just too much, and when combined with the bubblegum milkshake the chunks of cream didn’t mix well and brought a strange mix of consistencies. The smooth creaminess of the..er…cream vs the slightly chemically bubblegum flavour wasn’t the best. It was nice to have the occasional sip of between sweet eating but something about the flavour wasn’t right for me. Maybe it also tasted a bit strange as you’re more familiar with chewing and not swallowing bubble gum? I’d prefer a strawberry shake or something just a bit less “fake”. I know it’s a unicorn drink, but still. I’m also really glad we shared because I couldn’t have eaten it on my own from all the sugar and definitely the cream!

This was a fun one off but we both agreed we probably wouldn’t have that specific flavour again.

Maybe this is TMI but I also found this repeating on me later in the evening even after eating dinner (which was thai bbq goat!) – persistent stuff, not wholly unpleasant.. just unexpected!

I’d be really interested to try the Oreo freakshake or a chocolatey alternative next and see how that goes down.  Mmm…Oreos…

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