Super Duper Burger – Castro District, San Francisco

Super Duper Burger is a ten location burger shoppe spread over San Francisco (6 locations), South Bay  (2 locations) and North Bay (2 locations).  They pride themselves on using ingredients sourced from just miles away from their restaurants to make the ‘perfect burger’ and ensure any product they use is of the highest standard – having travelled across the pond and being a burger fan, this made me curious!

Linked with the above, SDB say that their “slow food values” for fast food make for a higher cost but with a Super Burger (2x 4oz double patties) costing $7.75 I don’t think that’s half bad at all. You can customise your burger with a free selection of salad or bacon/cheese/avocado/egg for a maximum of $1.50 per item and with fries priced at a maximum of $3.25 it’s pretty reasonable.

Their menu board is simple and clear which makes for easy ordering. I went for a Super Burger with cheese, everything salad-wise plus avocado. Gotta love that avo-bae, and I don’t think I’ve had it in a burger before! Garlic fries also called out to me along with a set of standard fries with the three dips offered (chipotle, mayo and their own Super sauce).

It took a minute or two to poach a table as the place was popular and also not huge. I’m hoping the painting and renovation works that were going on next door mean an expansion is in the works…SDB definitely have enough customers to fill double the current room size and the Castro location is great.

The food was cooked and ready pretty quickly with our name being called out to collect the goodness from the counter. My burger was nice and colourful and as standard it comes as a double patty. It was very nicely cooked, the American cheese was stringy and delicious with a loose patty which doesn’t argue when you bite into it.  Mmmmhmm!

The Garlic fries.  They are not sh*ting with you on this one. These chips come dripping in a garlic butter with loads of thinly grated cheese on top. I was going to be keeping some vampires away today as these did repeat on me a little after I left but they were worth it – I LOVE garlic!

When it came to the three dip fries, they were are also lush with all three dips (chipotle, mayo and super sauce) being spot on.  Admittedly, my focus was on the garlic fries as my dining companion is not a garlic fan, but I made sure to have a good try of each sauce. The plain chips on their own were tasty goodness, nice and crispy.

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough room to try and desserts but if any of you do, please report back!

Overall this was a great experience. There are a few locations scattered about the place as I mentioned (check their site for details) and if you’re in the hood make time to drop by. Thumbs up from me

Forked by Stefpuff

Twitter: @SuperDuperSF

Instagram: @SuperDuperBurgers

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