Schwartz’s Deli – Trocadero, Paris

We were loitering around the Trocadero Gardens having a little look at the Eiffel Tower and watching some skateboarders do their thing and at some point hunger approached us. I had a quick google and Schwartz’s Deli popped up….checked out the website and the menu looked pretty HAWT so knew we had to go.

A lot of restaurants in Paris work in an ‘open for lunch, have a break then open for dinner later on’ kind of way and this one was no exception so we had to wait a dreaded half hour until the place opened at seven.  We’d had a look through the window though and the interior was pretty pleasing – done up in an American New York diner style without being too tacky and over the top.   There were lots of pin up girls on the walls – which I approve of – celebrity mug shots, old magazine covers and some Elvis thrown in. Bingo bango.

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We arrived back at seven to find there were a few people already waiting outside.  We were seated quickly and the staff, seeming well organised, took our order pretty swiftly.  For me this was a great menu, very meaty and there were a few things I wanted to try, but I went for the Parisienne burger (basically minced steak tartare) which came with chips.

Once it arrived my initial thought was HOLY CRAP LOIS, THIS IS HUGE. Looking past the sheer size of this thing, cooking wise it was seared on the outside and raw (and therefore colder) on the inside. This was a time of pure yolk porn as it was served with a raw egg yolk on the top and slicing into it was a joy.  So much oozy yellow contrasting the pure meatyness. Gahd, Foodgasm!

As well as quenching my eyeppetite this was a really tasty burger but it was SO BIG I didn’t know if I could handle it. “Ooh, that’s what she said!” I almost hear you say. I do love me some super rare meat so this was a great for me having it so rare. BUT SO BIG. Wow. Some rocket and onion lay beneath the burger which was appreciated to break up the beefy onslaught and brought in some extra flavours.

This delight was served with a generous portion of chips which were pretty average, though curly, but the focus here was on the bloody massive meat. I did have to prioritise part-way through the meal and left some frites and a bit of bun to ensure I could eat all of the beef, but I wasn’t too fussed on the frites anyways.

My dining companion had the pastrami sandwich which was also MASSIVE, allowing me to tuck in too. The pastrami was lovely, first time we’ve seen it be properly stacked since having pastrami in New York last year. Schwartz’s does have “the best place for the best pastrami” written on their menus so maybe this shouldn’t be a great surprise.  The pastrami was super flavoursome, thinly sliced and soft. Perhaps it could have done with some sort of sauce but we’re both unsure what. There weren’t any dry patches, very moist all the way through but it was a hardcore pastrami stack. Perhaps a dipping sauce or something?  The bread fell apart a bit but with that meat to bread ratio, if you were the bread could you handle that much meat? No. Exactly. So no judgement there.


Over all I would definitely recommend Schwartz’s to any meat fan.  Sorry veggies/vegans I have no idea what there is for you there…but this does meat and it does it BIG. And at affordable prices at about 16EUR a pop – for the size and quality this is definitely value for money and a little walk from the Eiffel Tower it keeps you away from the higher priced tourist focused restaurants.

Bravo Schwartz’s. You were DELIcious.

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