Belvita – Breakfast Biscuits

Salutations! Apparently 1 in 3 people skip breakfast, and that may well be true as I am guilty of being one of the skippees.  Getting up in the morning is always tougher especially when the mornings are getting darker and we really REALLY don’t want to leave our warm duvet nests.

So, as a quick alternative to the standard bowl, we’ve been checking out the offering of Belvita Breakfast Biscuits to let you know about two (out of eight possible) flavours from the range.


Belvita are a well known brand and to be honest without looking it up I’m unsure what else they do as the breakfast biscuits pop straight to mind when I think of Belvita – that might be the delicious alliteration though! Prior to this post, I hadn’t had a BBB myself so this was a genuine test for me with something new.


Original has a kind of buttery oaty flavour to them which I do quite like. I am possibly in the minority as I am partial to the odd oat and raisin cookie (most go for the choc chip if available). I ate this at work and did have some tea handy for a little dip action. Spot on. They remind me of  a milk biscuit actually and are a great little pick up and nibble item.


The chocolate flavour of these reminds me of coco pops mixed with an oaty kind of shortbread, interspersed with little chocolate chunks. You get four biscuits in a personal size pack which would be great for eating on the go or with a cuppa at home, at your desk or on a commute.

The chocolate chips prompted a conversation on life. One of us would prefer the biscuit without the chocolate chunks as he felt these made the bites without actual chocolate less exciting. However, I think that’s completely absurd…why would you ever refuse a chocolate highlight? That’s comparable to living life without anything to look forward to or stand out in your hopefully 70+ years of existence. Perhaps a little extreme of a comparison but what I’m saying is the chocolate chips are definitely a good part of this biscuit and are always welcome in my book.

wp-1481570638347.jpgI would say a drink is definitely needed with these biscuits as they are a little drying and absorb a lot of mouth moisture, so a little sip of something (perhap a milk or a tea?) is appreciated every now and then. This is also more of a snacky breakfast item for someone on the way to work or for a mid morning munch than being a dedicated daily go-to full on breakfast.

This is a nice product and definitely make having a little something in the morning more convenient than taking time out to sit down with a bowl and spoon – grab a pack to chuck in your bag and go! I’d also imagine (not being a mother myself or ever wanting to be one) they would be handy to give to kids to take to school as a brekkie – or snack or if you are so busy sorting out your sprogs you can take some for yourself (fancy that!!). The chocolate would be more alluring for kiddles than the plainer flavour but still, it’s progress away from a straight chocolate bar or bag of crisps.

The Belvita website gives you some ‘pairing’ examples too – click here – which are pretty interesting. When I tried mine I just went straight biscuit.

Health-wise these are 230 calories a pack and 8g of fat (12% of your daily allowance) but also 3g of fiber which is 16% of your daily requirement out the way. I think if you’re sensible with your diet then that isn’t too much of a problem – there are both worse and better things you could be doing with your breakfast and it all depends how you eat in general.


Coughing up £2.60 for a 300g pack (containing 5 packs of 4 biscuits) from Tesco, for example,
isn’t half bad. Give them a go if you need something quick at home. The expiry dates last a good few months so if they aren’t a first choice they can always be a handy back up or something to stock your desk drawer for an 11am pickeroo.

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