Sushi Gourmet – Fancy Fish!

Are you allergic to fish? If so, probably don’t read this. Or do! Here we have Sushi Gourmet who, as you may be able to guess, are a sushi hub. They do also serve up non fishy treats (such as the chicken gyoza I’ve sampled or perhap teppanyaki) which is where the above “or do” applies. Anyhoo, Sushi Gourmet just opened their first UK sushi kiosk in the Sainsbury’s Nine Elms store! Yay!

The low-down on Sushi Gourmet is they are offering customers a brand new food buying experience, with sushi chefs hand making the products in front of their very eyes. SG only use ingredients from hand picked suppliers but with all this they’re also price concious to let you chow down on quality sushi without breaking the bank. J’adore.

ANYWAY, for dinner this evening I was treated to three dishes from the Sushi Gourmet menu and I’m sure by this point you figured out I’m going to tell you what I thought.

This is only the second time I have ever had ‘proper’ sushi – as in not from Boots and made by people who really know what they’re doing rather than churning things out factory style en masse.


First option was the Crunch Tuna and Salmon California Rolls.  These come with a sachet of soy and you get 9 in a box – 6 salmon & avocado and 3 tuna avocado rolls with crispy fried onions sprinkled on top with a little sachet of soy sauce for dippage.

I really liked these, though I think we got crab rather than tuna… I haven’t been lured in by crab so this was a bit of an “oh” moment but actually the crab was pretty delicious. As with the salmon, the varied textures of the fish, avocado, rice and crunchy onions were great. They tasted slightly sweet which meant dipping in the soy balanced this out brilliantly.

Chicken Gyoza was my non-fish choice and it also came with a sachet of soy sauce.  Really well portioned, you get 7 in a box.  Although they were cold they were still really delicious, comparable to Wagamama at least and in those portions you get 5 gyoza for a similar cost.  These would be extra nice heated up but even in their chilly form they tasted fresh and high quality.


Tuna and Salmon Sashimi. Now. This was probably my favourite part, and for a girl who has always been a bit “oh no” about raw salmon because she finds smoked salmon gross, this is a shocker. Ready and waiting, I have six thick slices of tuna and six of salmon.  Both are light and smooth with a great texture, mega slick to bite through and slightly sweet. I popped a little bit of lemon on both the tuna and salmon – the flavour was subtle but really good. Possibly as expected, the tuna was slightly meatier than the salmon but both were brilliant. Get me more, now!!!

Perhaps with the sashimi there should have been some rice as a side (this is more a tip for me ordering in future), but to be honest I was really happy with the serving, and all three dishes I sampled from Sushi Gourmet.

I ate this at home so my food wasn’t as instantly fresh as if you had ordered it in the store-based concession but it was still bah-anging! There is so much more on offer; teppanyaki, Hawaiian poke, chirashi, different sorts of rolls, tempura and salads. I’m hoping these grow and extend their reach further because Sushi Gourmet would add a serious contender to my “what should I have for lunch?” debacle.

All of the above covered a meal for two for just over £20. Amazing! Yay sushi! Fully FMPH approved.

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Twitter/Instagram: @sushigourmetuk

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