The Popcorn Shed – Gourmet Popcorn

The Popcorn Shed are a family owned, home-grown company who have the aim of becoming the number one gourmet popcorn brand choice in the world! These guys mean seriously delicious business!

We’re giving two flavours a crack to see what they’re made of – the Pecan Pie and Chocolate.

The Pecan Pie batch is syruppy and delicious and even has pecan nut halves mixed in, covered in the same sweet and lush coating as the popcorn itself. There’s golden syrup in there, not too much and every bite is super flavourful. Perfect for an after dinner snack. Extremely moreish and decadant (yes, decadant popcorn).

When it comes to the Chocolate flavour this also blows my socks off.  Usually I wolf down popcorn because it’s something lighter, keeps my hands busy (fiddly food takes me longer to eat) and has a half flavour… but this stuff is something else. I can happily eat this a little bit at a time because each piece is coated with rich flavour. It’s super easy to eat but you want to savour it rather than gobble it as fast as possible. Belgian chocolate coating. GAHD. Yum.

Now, I was curious. Linked with the rich taste comes the ingredients – actual milk chocolate is used on the chocolate flavour along with butter, milk, sugar etc so these aren’t the healthiest of snacks even though it is popcorn which I consider a ‘healthy’ alternative to a bag of crisps.  Kidding myself? Meh! I would imagine this is still better for you than a chocolate bar but naughtier than uncoated popcorn. I reckon these should be more of a treat than an every day kind of thing, but my my they are good.

wp-1476051175665.jpgHowever, at least the ingredients are all natural, made in England and….they’re vegetarian friendly AND gluten free! Say whaaaaaaaaaaat…! Per pack these retail at £3.33 so they are a treat kind of price too and you can buy direct from the Popcorn Shed website or at a few retailers (Harrods being one, ooh lala) as listed on their website.

So yeah. I haven’t played it cool at all. This popcorn is lush. This would make a BANGING Christmas gift or special treat if you’re feeling fancy. The excellent packaging and brand also deserves a huge high five. Fabulous. This is definitely the fanciest popcorn I have eaten and easily the most decadant. If you get a chance, try it out for sure.

Forked by Stefpuff

Twitter/Insta: @popcornshed

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