The BakeCycle – Yummy Deliveries by Bike in London!

Well well well, what do we have here? East London based? Tick. Bikes? Tick. Food? Tick! The BakeCycle appears to be a hipster’s dream concoction so I thought it would be rude not to check these guys out and see what they’re made of.

The BakeCycle is a brand new company, launched at The Cake and Bake Show on the weekend of 7-9 October 2016.  Based in Bow, East London, we are practically neighbours which pleases me greatly.


During the launch, the gang were armed with various tray bakes for the public to grab at £2 a pop.  Details of the whole available tray bake range along with pricing can be found here.

We opted to try the Chocolate Biscuit Bake which is a clever (and delicious) mix of crunchy chocolate biscuit topped with a deluxe layer of white, milk and dark chocolate on top.

The top chocolate reminds me a little of Lindor which is a big plus in my book. Love a good Lindor Ball. The base is chocolatey (no sh*t, Sherlock!) and not dry which is good as this tray bake had been stored, by me, for a day after I acquired it at the show. It really reminded me of tiffin but without raisins, which is totally fine with me as clearly the chocolate and biscuit are far more important.

Size wise, although these are sold by the trayful in differing sizes, the square I ate was a great portion and was just enough to be not too sickly and also sate my sweet toothy needs for tonight. However, I can’t say that if I had a whole tray here I wouldn’t go in for more.  I am not one for self control…

The BakeCycle pride themselves in baking up delicious treats and delivering them in the most carbon neutral way possible…by bike!  The team are aiming to satisfy a crowd with their tray bakes, rather than selling individually, and each one of them is hand made in their East London kitchen to family recipes .

You can order online through their website and they currently deliver to the postcodes below, but as these guys grow I am sure they’ll expand if they don’t cover your area just yet. Keep those peepers peeled!

EC 1/2/3/4,  E1/2/3/8/9/14/15/16/20, N1, NW1/8, SE 1/11/16/17, SW1, WC 1/2 and W1

If you need a sweet snack for a group of people then give these guys a go. Or even if you are stocking up to have a week of gorging, order yourself one to spread out over a few days. Or one night, who am I kidding?

I, for one, NEED to try their brownie…check it out under the website, SWOON!

Forked by Stefpuff

Twitter: @the_bakecycle

Instagram: @thebakecycle

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