Patty and Bun – Goodge St, London

Woohoo! A new Patty and Bun opening! Everyone rejoiced!

I had tried Patty and Bun a couple of years back (by Liverpool Street) so took this opportunity to give it another taste and report back to y’all.  I know, the things I do for you hey!

I can’t tell you much about the history of Patty & Bun apart from they started as a pop up but, as Goodge St is their 6th location, P&B are clearly doing something The People like.


We arrived around 2pm on a Sunday and the place was almost full – luckily we managed to grab a seat.  We were tucked in the corner at the front on a bench which seemed fine but when it came to service it’s an area staff seem to forget and I had to go up to the bar to prompt them to take our order. They apologised which was fine and we weren’t in a rush plus it was a pretty packed restaurant and take out orders were being placed at a steady pace.

I14285770_10157457693730313_792910527_o wanted an Ari Gold burger with a side o’ cheese balls and a pineapple soda but they were out of cheese balls and the soda so it just wasn’t meant to be.  As a replacement I opted for an apple juice and the ‘Winger Winger Chicken Dinner’ (BBQ wings!).  We also got some chicken salt fries which come with chicken mayo.

Once we had been able to order and the food arrived, the burger was really good.  I can’t remember if I have had a P&B burger before but I was really surprised by how tasty this was!  I also decided that brioche should encase all burgers – definitely my favourite bun and they are used a-plenty at Patty & Bun. I paid a quid to have bacon in my Ari Gold (the standard is cheese) though couldn’t taste it too much but it was definitely in there, thinly sliced.

The patty iself was soft and pink with pretty (they were also pinky purple!), complimentary onions. That sounds weird, but red onions with the yellowy cheese, green of lettuce and red tomato made it a good looking hunk of burger.  The cheese was also great and very melty, impressive to look at because of the melt as soon as you open the wrapper. I like.  There was also a good amount of drippy burger juice, each bite was really fab. Moist, meaty, soft, sweet. Yes.


The side order (or main for some?!) of wings are served up in a pot, a good size and I think it’s value for money.  The flavour for these is given as BBQ but they taste a bit sweet and kind of nutty…not your standard BBQ sauce which to be honest I am not a massive fan of. So this is good news for me, but a warning in case you are expecting a more classic BBQ flavour.

These wings are served with a sprinkling of spring onion on the top (nice) and the chicken itself is super soft including the skin, and the skin seems to blend into the meat…usually I like crisp skin but this is delicious.  This bird nearly falls off the bone especially with the wings vs drumsticks, but the drumsticks are very soft too.. I would put them into a different bracket to normal wings just because of the texture of these bad boys. Never had a wing so soft all over.

Aha, the chicken salt chips with chicken mayo. Yeahhhhh.  The mayo tastes actually chickenny which I know it probably should from the name but most I’ve had don’t really. Really good, nice and crispy, great chips. I liked ’em.


We couldn’t finish the wings because really it’s the equivalent of two mains but put a lid on them to take out. Can’t waste that goodness!  I put them in the oven for maybe 15 minutes yesterday at a low temperature and had them as part of my dinner – still really soft! Amazing. So don’t worry if you do need to doggy bag.

When it came to paying we, again, found it quite difficult to get someone’s attention although we were sitting near the till area.  We had to get up again to receive the bill and also to pay despite being less than a meter away from where most of the staff gathered. For reference, we were on the window bench on the left side when you come in.  This is a small joint but this is a tricky seat spot or somewhere for staff to pay more attention to.

We also had to ask for napkins…I think most tables had cutlery pots with napkins but ours didn’t and it’s a very hands on kinda place so these are definitely required!

Some additional information, the WiFi code is shakeandbake but my phone wouldn’t connect. Maybe it will for you! We all love free WiFi!


As you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed the food at the new P&B location.  The restaurant was nice with a great atmosphere – the staff just need to keep an eye on the tables to make sure everyone is seen to.  It’s a great new location in a lovely area plus the grub was smashing. I’d recommend going for a relaxed lunch if you are in the Goodge St area.

Forked by Stefpuff

Twitter: @pattyandbunjoe
Instagram: @pattyandbun

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