Aloe aloe, Simplee Aloe!

Oh my gosh! If you hadn’t noticed, the South of England is going through a ‘heatwave’ (yes, hotter places we know you are hotter but we are the feeble English so for us 28c is a heatwave) in September. Apparently yesterday was the hottest day in September on record since 1911. Don’t say we never teach you important things here at FMPH.

Anyway, I got home after tubing and training for my commute and thought “thank the lord Jebus above I put one of my Simplee Aloe drinks in the fridge yesterday”. Honestly. I’m not even making it up for the review. And here I am drinking the thing.


First of all let me tell you a little about this drink. It’s made from aloe-vera with some acai and blueberries thrown in for this particular flavour. There is a dash of vitamin C in there, but everything is very clearly listed on the side of the personal size carton and there are no weird additives, acids of any sort or magical words with numbers on the end. So that’s a refreshing change, and it’s a refreshing drink.

This cute little beverage is quite light in taste but very summery and is helping me today – I would imagine being refrigerated helps with that too.  You can taste the berries nicely and in the aftertaste too – it reminds me of grapes but then I read the ingredients and 5% of this juice is grapejuice, so it’s reassuring my tastebuds work.

As there are no bits in this one (some Aloe wp-1473876715394.jpgdrinks there are chunks floating about) it’s very smooth and feels a little thicker than water, if that makes sense? Thinner than a juice but thicker than water. Containing 35% Aloe Vera, being not from concentrate (I hate juices from concentrate, they never taste the same) this feels like a super healthy drink – apparently it has
less calories than an apple, for the calorie conscious of you-  and was very much appreciated today. Personally, I prefer bits but I know some don’t and the option will be very much appreciated by the non-bitters.

You can pick one up at the Co-Op, Waitrose, Whole Foods, Sainsburys, Ocado, Nisa, Holland and Barrett, Amazon…basically google them and there will be a lot of options for you or wander into your local supermarket. You can buy by the litre or in the little personal sized version that I’m getting through.

I liked this. Thanks SimpleeAloe for cooling me down today with your tasty juices.

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Twitter/Insta: @simpleealoe

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