KERB ‘Best of the Rest’ Part 2 – Camden, London

This post is a bit overdue as I’ve been off exploring the wonderful world that is Scotland, but better late than never hey! Here are a few of my other favourites from KERB Camden, in no particular order..

Fundi Pizza



These guys take artisan pizza making to the next level, even building their own super cool super hot wood fired ovens. The pizzas are hand stretched to order and fired for just a couple of minutes to achieve a perfectly thin, super crisp base.
This is the way I like my pizza, light enough that you can eat a whole one to yourself (although on this day I didn’t manage the whole thing what with so many other goodies on offer), but also with enough cheese, sauce and toppings that you don’t feel ripped off.





I went for the nduja and honey – nduja is a spicy soft Italian sausage which they tear off in chunks and scatter across the pizza. It is packed with flavour and releases delicious meaty oils when it is heated in the oven which spread the flavour to every mouthful – if you ever see an Nduja pizza on a menu make sure to give it a try, you won’t believe what you’ve been missing! The addition of the drizzle of honey at the end set it off perfectly. Thumbs up for Fundi!

Twitter/Insta: @fundipizza

Stake Haus


Stake Haus keep it simple. Steak and chips. And bloody good steak and chips they are too. This was one of the last things I tried and I didn’t want to waste space on chips so I just had a sample portion of the steak, hence why there isn’t any chips in that photo. The usual portion is a 5oz steak and chips for 9 quid – bargain! Also, I did try a couple of chips so I can vouch for how good they were – skinny fries nicely salted and super crisp. The main event is obviously the meat. I forgot to ask what cut it was but it was delicious – really tender, cooked medium rare, well seasoned, and topped with the “secret sauce” – this was some sort of herby garlicky butter which went down a treat. I’ll definitely be returning to Steak Haus for some more bargainous steak and chips!


Twitter/Insta: @stakehaus

Oh My Dog

2016-08-29-16.33.02.jpg.jpegOh My Dog, aside from having a brilliant name, are doing awesome things with hot dogs. They’ve taken the original New York street food to the next level, replacing the cheap and often less than appetising, unidentifiable “meat” dog with a massive high grade rare breed pork frankfurter. This is stuffed in a brioche bun and offered with a range of toppings. I chose the chilli beef (what’s better than meat on meat?) which, like the sausage, was high quality beef, slow braised in a delicious chilli sauce – no cheap mince here! That was layered with a healthy serving of melted cheese, steamed onions, jalapeños, sour cream and mustard. What a joy! Oh My Dog, oh my!

Forked by Tolibear

Twitter: @OMDhotdogs

Insta: @ohmydog_hotdogs

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