Breddos Tacos & Slider Bar at Dinerama – Shoreditch, London

When you go to Dinerama for lunch and order the tacos but can’t stop thinking about the sliders you saw so have to go back for dinner…

Breddos Tacos

Street Food – Tacos -£7 for 2

On my many visits to Dinerama the beautiful looking tacos by the entrance always caught my eye but never quite lured me in as strongly as the meatier offerings such as BBQ Lab or Smokestak. However on a sunny Friday lunchtime (after my first course of chipuffalo wings) I decided the time had come to try the legendary Breddos Tacos.

Ever the carnivore I went for one pulled pork and one fried chicken. They both were served on a black tortilla (forgot to ask how they make them black) and topped with super fresh finely sliced salad. As you can tell by the picture they looked spectacular, almost too good to eat.

Unfortuntely I found the tortillas a bit too thick and a little dry but the fillings were super tasty so overall they were good but not amazing. I’d say the pork had the edge over the chicken as the combination of the batter and the tortilla made the chicken one a bit stodgy. The friend I was with tried the fish one and said it was excellent so perhaps I just picked the wrong filling, but sadly I’d say they looked better than they tasted and I was left regretting my decision not to choose the sliders all afternoon…

Twitter/Instagram: @breddostacos
Slider Bar

Street Food – Slider Bar – £10 for 3

Not one to have my day ruined by one disappointing dining experience I found another friend (my always willing when it comes to eating co-author Stefpuff) to go back to Dinerama with me in the evening to check out Slider Bar.

Slider Bar is actually run by Breddos. I guess they were trying to tap into the market of people like me who are more excited by a greasy cheesy chunk of meat than a pretty micro herb topped wrap. Well it worked. And while I may not have been overly enthused by the tacos, the sliders did not disappoint! I’d go so far as to say these were some of the best burgers, big or small, that I’ve eaten. Top 5 easily.

Stef and I shared one each of the cheeseburger, the bacon cheeseburger, and the jalapeño burger (worry not the jalapeño burger did come with cheese but also a couple of slices of fresh jalapeño which was surprisingly and satisfyingly spicy). All were excellent.

The patties were delicious and perfectly formed – nice and loose (you will learn that a loose patty is important to me when it comes to burgers – nothing worse than a rock solid burger reminiscent of a giant squashed meatball), and cooked medium rare. These guys add the cheese to the patties on the grill and cover them with a lid to speed up the melting action and get that perfectly oozy cheese that is necessary for a great burger.

It is also worth mentioning that even though these are sliders they are a pretty good size – I reckon you’d get more from 3 of these sliders than your average full-sized burger, but they give you the option to try different flavours if you want. Or not, stick with 3 of your favourite, or even just have one and save some room to try more of the other things on offer at dinerama. Whichever way you do it make sure you have at least one of these burgers and you’ll be winning.

Forked by Tolibear

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