Barone Cafe – Mile End / Bow, London

Barone Cafe is a quaint little capsule situated amongst the hubbub (haha, hubbub – enjoyable word) of Roman Road Market.  It’s somewhere I always mean to go and definitely need to pick my heels up a wee bit and trot down there more often.

I went doon at the weekend and was lucky enough with timing that a table became free when I walked in – woot! It’s a popular place. Ordered me some eggs benedict and my dining companion had a full fry up, with a cuppa each.

It wasn’t long until the food arrived and my first impression was “where the eff is the rest of the hollandaise” as usually eggs benedict is served in a bit of a hollandaise sea. However, I would actually say the spoonful given on each was pretty spot on to not overpower the ham and egg. Well done, Barone.

One thing I love about eggs benedict is a runny egg. You know the food porn moment of cutting open the yolk and it oozes all over the plate and..nomnomnom *drool*…yeah, that. These eggs weren’t runny which made me a bit sad inside but it didn’t impact the tastiness of the overall meal. Surprised!

The ham was lush, the bread was also a treat (not sure what it was, sorry!), eggs good despite the lack of juiciness and the sauce was great.  I would definitely come back to eat another again, but maybe mention the yolk thing. It was a really good size portion and I was stuffed when I left. Very pleased.

The fry up, which I will try another time, was pretty massive too! It got a thumbs up, but as I say I will have to sample it myself soon.

Now, so far this is a good experience for me. Nice surroundings, great food, lovely cheerful staff. It’s time to pay. All of this for the two meals and two teas came to under a tenner. WHAAAAT!!! Insane considering eggs benedict on its own is usually something like £7/8. Wowser.  I have no idea how some places can charge that much but Barone seem to keep it honest with charging amounts people don’t have to worry about if they want a decent breakfast/brunch. £4 for eggs benedict. FOUR POUNDS!! HOW ON HEAVENLY EARTH CAN THIS BE?!

I am lucky to have this little place down the road from me and I am sure going to be back to try some more delights.  I would recommend a visit though if you try and come in between ‘typical’ mealtimes that’d probably increase your chance of getting a seat. But who can be surprised Barone is so popular when they serve good grub at those sort of costs.

Give it a visit, you won’t regret it. Eggcellent *puts on sunglasses and leaves*.

Forked by Stefpuff

Twitter/Instagram: @baronecafe

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