Caravan – Kings Cross, London

It’s the weekend and it’s brunchtime.

I’ve tried to get into Caravan before but the first time round we didn’t want to wait 40 minutes for a table…however this time it was a 20 min wait and we were offered a seat at the coffee bar. We were given a numbered coffee bean (I think) bag and toddled off to sit at the bar and peruse the menu.

While we were waiting, I ordered a latte and it looked pretty (I’m a sucker for a nice looking latte in a glass). This place has an on-site coffee roastery and so I would expect this stuff to be pretty special. The atmosphere of the place was nice, not rushed around and just very chilled out and warehousey industrial sort of feel…you know, cagey walls and pipes out, lots of wooden stuff.. Is that shabby chic? Dunno but it’s good anyway. Pleases my eyes.  the clientele and staff looked pretty Hipster tastic  (they were very nice and enthusiastic)but I like a good hipster so I’m down with that, son.

The menu is pretty quirky and my dining fellow had trouble picking what to have initially. For me I was picking between avocado on toast (I have an avocado addiction problem at the moment) or baked eggs.. Felt I should be different so picked baked eggs!

Going back a step, the latte I had was indeed really nice.  Quite similar taste to Alpress in Shoreditch but a wee bit less creamy…still very good. Mmmmm..



Everything tasted awesome, such a good choice with the baked eggs and merguez sausage addition. Eggs. Sausage. Sour cream. Tomatoes. Oh my God. Amazing. One of the best brunches I’ve ever had. Hopefully that explains how tasty it was.

My fellow diner went for the Caravan Fry – a fry up – and said from looking at it he didn’t think it’d fill him up but, by jove, it did. Fabulous. Strangely he couldn’t pick what his favourite piece was and it ended up being between the bread (sourdough) or the tomato! For a big meat eater that’s a very very rare thing so shows the quality of the food. I’m very into meat too and could have happily eaten the baked egg without the sausage. Shocker!


We have brunch planned with my sister tomorrow so we are coming back straight away. Avocado is going in my face for sure!
Really good prices too and I feel fresh rather than greasy and full of yuck.

9/10! And I never give ten so that’s saying something….

UPDATE: I went back the following day and had the baked eggs again. I couldn’t resist, ok? When something is that good I just can’t stop myself. Ahem.

Forked by Stefpuff

Twitter/Instagram: @caravankingsX

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