The Breakfast Club, Pancakes – Hoxton

The Breakfast Club Hoxton – Pancakes & Bacon – £9

It’s the weekend. I’m slightly hanging and I’m ravenous. I know just the place that will sort me out. The Breakfast Club.

Having been to this fine establishment multiple times I knew before stepping foot in the building what I’d be having… 100% unquestionably it had to be the pancakes and bacon! And since I was feeling a little sorry for myself, I threw in a chocolate caramel milkshake for good measure. Now that my friends, is what I call a breakfast of champions.

The pancakes are deliciously light and fluffy, the streaky bacon thick, crisp and gloriously salty. And to top it off the plate is covered with lashings of sweet, sticky maple syrup. Now believe me they are not mean with the syrup, but if like me, you want every inch of that pancake soaking up maple syrup like a sponge, The Breakfast Club is kind enough to provide extra bottles of maple syrup on the tables to pour to your heart’s delight. This – I love.Image

In fact, The Breakfast Club is pretty generous on all fronts when it comes to servings, I challenge anybody to leave this place hungry. All around me were gargantuan plates of some of the most mouthwatering breakfast food you will find in London. On my previous visit I attempted the All American (Pancakes, eggs, sausage, home-style fried potatoes, streaky bacon and maple syrup), which even for a girl with an appetite to match a 6ft 5 boxer such as myself, was a struggle. But if you arequire seriously hungry and think you can handle it go for it I say. There are tons of other breakfast alternatives on the menu if pancakes aren’t your thing, the Full Monty (for big appetites) and all of the egg dishes look amazing.

My milkshake was thick, creamy and chocolatey, and I particularly enjoyed that the chocolate came from a whizzed up Cadburys Caramel, meaning it was laced with delicious chocolatey chunks the whole way through. My only criticism would be that the straw was too skinny to suck most of these lovely chocolatey bits through, which made drinking the thing rather hard work. It could also do with coming with a spoon to scoop out all the big hunks of chocolate and caramel left at the bottom which had no chance of making it up the straw.

The cafe itself starts with a pretty unassuming exterior, you could easily walk past on your way to Hoxton Square and miss the small red sign – that is if it wasn’t for the queue of people stretching round the block late every Saturday and Sunday morning. The interior is altogether more interesting – bright, quirky and cool. Mismatched chairs and tables of varying sizes and heights, a lamp, a sofa, a jukebox… And given the Hoxton location, suitably cool hipster staff (without the bad attitude). This is the kind of place young trendy people (such as myself.. obviously..) want to feed their hangover demons into submission.

I’m told The Breakfast Club also does a lunch and dinner menu (burgers, wings, chilli and the like), which I’m sure is equally decent food… but frankly… Who cares when the breakfasts are this good?


Forked by Tolibear

Twitter/Instagram: @thebrekkyclub

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