Orange Buffalo Chicken – Brick Lane, London

Oof! Now I’d been waiting white a while to go to Orange Buffalo and I’d heard very good things but I had often found myself in Brick Lane at a non foody time, or I’d just stuffed myself at the stalls down the Lane itself.

HOWEVER, this Sunday a group of buds and I were there. We sat on a bench in the communal eating piece and the time was now. My friend got a portion of the buffalo wings and they smelt super tasty and zingy, so how could I refuse the opportunity?



I grabbed my wings and they were reasonably quickly served with a few celery pieces and a dollop of blue cheese sauce. They looked awesome and there was plenty of sauce all over the muthas.

When it came to the eating instead of the staring, smelling and taking photos, the sauce was fab. Buffaloish as it avoid be and reminded me of the Buffalo sauce that Franks do. Size wise they were good too and for £6 you do get a lot and the chicken meat was cooked nicely.

There was only one thing that kept me from uncontrollably wolfing these down…the chicken skin. It was covered in sauce which is great, but I like a crispy skin on mine so I did end up leaving a few. Which is criminal really.


These were still a bargain and I ate probably eight or so wings but they didn’t hook me as some others have (BBQ Lab especially)… I think if I’d have gone to Orange Buffalo sooner I’d have loved them more, but this summer I had some summer chicken wing lovin’… It took my breath away and it may have raised my future wing standards to dizzying unrealistic heights.

I’d still recommend these bad boys anyway because they were lushtastic, and grab some curly fries while you’re there.

Forked by Stefpuff

Twitter/Instagram: @orangebuffalo

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