Pulled By Morito at Pump Shoreditch – Shoreditch, London

Pulled by Morito – Pulled Meats – £7

Last Friday before the bank holibobs weekend I toddled off to Pump Shoreditch (www.pumpshoreditch.co.uk) with a chum and immediately the stall (is it a stall? Sort of a little beach hut style thing) of Pulled by Morito lured me in.. probably because it was bright red and had a list of pulled meats outside it.


Checking out the options I went for their Moorish Lamb and I am SO glad I did. It came with rice and a salad with a few sauces (no idea what they were but I trusted the guys to know what they were doing!) and phewie…awesome. This was a dish of lamby cumin awesomeness where the meat was softy softy and full of flavour. They chucked on tons of lamb, rice, salad and a spicy yoghurt dressing and did not scrimp one bit. The dish I had was £7 and they definitely do not rip you off for the food you get, especially the meat which some stalls I have eaten at in the past try to give you less of in place of, let’s say, rice.


I hadn’t even finished my meal and wanted another one because it tasted so good! Lamb is a rare meat for me to cook at home so it was an extra special treat to have it here. Yumser…. A couple next to me asked about it (maybe I was too enthusiastic with wolfing it down?!) and ended up getting pulled meats too after my mad woman style raving. The friend I went with turned vegetarian last year but was drooling over the smell and cursing her meat free ways.

I am definitely going to go back to Pulled by Morito before it leaves Pump Shoreditch at the end of Summer so I can try the other meats they have on offer. Highly recommended though and definitely worth a lookee if you are in Shoreditch any time soon. I’m not sure where they will be after Pump Shoreditch, but at the moment it’s on Shoreditch High St near Boxpark and opposite Andina.


GO GO GO!!! Totally worth getting in your face. I pulled that night. Ho ho ho ho ho…sorry.

Forked by Stefpuff


Twitter: @pulleduk

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